About Us

  • Marine Procurement Solution

Virking Business Enterprises (UK) is a leading maritime company, specialized in Marine Procurement Solution, Boating and Water Safety Advice, Vessel Chartering Services, Fleet Management, …

Virking Business Enterprises (UK) Ltd takes care of your purchase for any type of goods for vessels, including spares, stores, lubes, paints, provisions, etc. All requests for quotations, and initiate purchase orders, recurring large orders

  • Services for your Fleet

Virking Business Enterprises (UK) Ltd provides services for vessels such as repair services, daily logistics, maintenance schedules, manage your growing fleet. Manage deliveries and re-deliveries for items returned

  • Boating and Water Safety Advice

Virking Business Enterprises (UK) Ltd provides boating and water safety advice; by making a few significant safety preparations prior to each trip to clients, such as filing a float plan and reviewing the boating rules of the road.

  • Vessel Chartering Services

Virking Business Enterprises (UK) Ltd will charter tonnage for different type of routes and also different types of items such as: Bulk Cargo, Project Freight, Individual Heavy Lifts, Full & Part Vessel Cargo, Voyage and Time Critical Contracts